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May 05th, 2015

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3687099At about this time three years ago, we had just finished eating dinner as a family and my wife looked at us with her famous raised eyebrow stare and asked, “Does anyone know what this weekend is?” Immediately a reply came from my son Blake, who was about eight at the time, “It’s Danger Weekend!”. Fearing for his safety and the rest of us, I quickly intervened and said, “that’s right kids, for everyone who FORGOT that it’s Mothers Day this weekend, it IS Danger Weekend! Good thing we are already prepared, as I gave them my own-patented double raised eyebrow; shielded from mother; go along with it if you want to live look directed back at the kids.

Like most people, Mothers Day is the time to reflect on your individual relationship with your mother. Most, if not all of us, in some way, have been influenced by our mother; make sure you take the time to let her know how much she really means to you. Avoid the pitfalls of a Danger Weekend, pick up some flowers, write a note of gratitude, join the kids in an hour long craft fair making mothers day cards or simply say the words that mothers crave the most, “I love you Mom”.

It is not who you want to be, but whom you decide to be every day, in every action and in every gesture given or not given that defines you as a person. There is still time to prepare, take the time to make the call, send the card or drop off the flowers to the woman that has meant so much to you and undoubtedly help mold you into the person you are today. Happy Mothers day, to all the mothers this coming weekend!

Owen Hammond

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